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Approved by the USDA : Quality and Performance

The Datamars SLIM microchips are advanced microchips encased in a Revolutionary Polymer casing. They are available with the Standard Datamars ICAR manufacturing code or with USDA Approved 840 Country codes. 

The Datamars Slims gives goats, alpacas, llamas and other animal species a silent but effective voice. Unlike a tattoo a microchip cannot be falsified, removed or changed. The Slim microchips are a revolutionary bio-compatible polymer encased microchip. Each is as small as a thin grain of rice, weighs a fraction of standard glass microchips and contains a permanent ID code that is unique to that animal. There is no risk of the polymer Slims cracking or breaking.

Datamars Slim microchips give you a small needle gauge without compromising read distance like other “Mini” microchips. The thin 14-gauge needle allows for smooth and gentle implantation with minimal penetration force. Our special "No Return Click" syringe offers an added safety feature: it blocks the injector once depressed, stopping the microchip from being vacuumed back by the piston. Once implantation is complete, separate the needle for easy sharps disposal with your veterinary waste. The remainder of the syringe can be recycled.

Datamars is a global leader in RFID technology with more than 30 years of experience and proven quality for animal identification. Datamars controls the entire manufacturing and distribution of our products. Our microchips are processed in the world’s largest manufacturing facility in Spain then packaged and shipped from our Temple, TX facility for customers in the U.S.

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For more information the USDA requirements for 840 Microchips, check out the following links. 

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